How to use my HDD for storage purpose?

:slightly_smiling_face: HI! I am having a situation here; I have installed the OS in my SSD, and my PC has another HDD, so I want to use my HDD as my storage device and keep my SSD untouched. The problem is The default download folder’s parent directory is /home/XYZ and it’s located in my SSD. I want to change it to my hard drive. When I am trying to download files in my HDD from my web browser, it says I don’t have enough permission to do so. How do I fix this problem? How to get Fedora acknowledge my HDD without asking for permission again and again?

Thank you for your attention.

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Those things are easily addressed but first we need to understand what filesystem you are using on your HDD


Hello Sir, It was NTFS, but yesterday I have installed gparted and formatted it to ext4.

Set up the proper ownership/permissions:

Then edit the paths as needed:

Assuming that your default download directory is /home/XYZ/download, you can add a line to /etc/fstab mounting that HDD there and it will inherit the permissions that folder has.

I am sorry I could not reply as my PC had suddenly stopped working because of faulty smps. Will be back with the solution to ket you all know. Thank you everyone for the support. (•‿•)

Hello, I have sorted the issue out with the help of Nautilus and Disks application.
I used sudo nautilus and changed the permissions of the HDD so it doesn’t ask for permission again and again. And then I have used the disks app to set the HDD to auto mount when system starts and it resolved the issue.