How to use media sharing or file sharing


new fedora 39 have this option can anyone help me how to use feature if i turn anything on can share how to access from outside if both devices are in same subnet on a same wifi

There is an explanation for each share, just have a closer look by clicking on each share.


  • File Sharing is a webdav share,
  • Remote Desktop is a MS RDP server,
  • Remote Login is a ssh connection,
  • Media? not sure, will be some media streaming format… UPnP or DLNA or so.

You need a client for each different type of share on the other end.

  • File share: a file manager that talks webdav,
  • Remote desktop: an RDP client,
  • Remote Login: a ssh client,
  • Media Sharing: a media player like VLC

yes but in my case dav://username does not load in any browser neither on other device or on same devices i have tried with localhost but same.

it’s not dav://username, it’s dav://host. You can use nautilus for that.

Normally, it auto-discovers the share, but you can also manually connect to it, see bottom of screenshot.

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Thanks for explanation