How to use Custom icons for some applications in Fedora? does it differ from Debian?

I copied desktop files from /usr/share/applications to ~/username/.local/share/applications folder and changed the ‘icon’ s to my favorite png files , Butt all of them lost and now Fedora shows ‘executable’ icon for all of them … Is it any difference between GNOME of Debian and Fedora ? How can I do this ?

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For the file used in ~/.local/share/applications you can use a program called desktop-file-validate to check whether the file is correctly writen.

desktop-file-validate ~/.local/share/applications/*.desktop
update-desktop-database ~/.local/share/applications

Yo may also be required to reload your Gnome session ( (Alt+F2:r) or logout and login again).

error: value "~/lovelorn/Pictures/Icons/Firefox_resized.png" for key "Icon" in group "Desktop Entry" looks like a relative path, instead of being an absolute path to an icon or an icon name

How can I set an Icon absolute path or name without a usual path in Fedora ?

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the absolute path would be:


Maybe you familiarize yourself with ~. You will see this a lot along the way.
in short: ~ is an alias for $HOME, which in your case is: /home/lovelorn, or generally speaking: /home/username

So, "~/lovelorn/Pictures/Icons/ (what you used) is pointing to `/home/lovelorn/lovelorn/Pictures/…, which doesn’t exist. Use the absolute path as written above.


I got it Sir , I replace " /home/ " with " ~/ "

Thank You , Sir

Maybe the other way around? Replace ~/ with /home

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It was my language fault , I’m Persian … I used to be smart , But many things harmed my brain … Sorry …

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