How to use an Arkenfox template with FIrefox (RPM)?

Hi everyone,

today I am trying to setup an Arkenfox template on a RPM version of Firefox. I followed the instructions provided by the Arkenfox community. Furthermore, I did setup a test profile using the profile manager and added the files to this folder. Than I run the scripts in the terminal but without any success. The reason I am posting this, is I though this community might have some experience using Arkenfox on a RPM version of Firefox.If everything else fails, I do have this section for further assistance

Can you give some output from the terminal? Error message etc.
Did you >> check the browser console (Ctrl-Shift-J) for errors (see your link you posted)

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I went with the script option here and than rebooted for the sake of it and voilà it worked. It seems I had a copy of the user.js was incomplete. Thank you for reply to my question.