How to update a Podman Image Ghost

Hi everyone,

I’m pretty new to podman and docker, but I have setup a podman container running ghost. After reading a lot of articles on the web, I still unclear how I actually update ghost within podman, without losing my blog.

I was looking at portainer thinking this may be the way forward, but was wondering if anyone had any experience with this?

Any help appreciated.

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Yes, Docker/Podman does not have a command to update images that you have already pulled, but is possible.


1.- Please use Volumes to Store Persistent Data from your Container in your Host.
2.- Volumes | Docker Docs


Use a tool, like this one:

1.- Watchtower
2.- Youtube Video →

With watchtower you can update the running version of your containerized app simply by pushing a new image to the Docker Hub or your own image registry. Watchtower will pull down your new image, gracefully shut down your existing container and restart it with the same options that were used when it was deployed initially.

Or Third

This simple one-liner can help you update all images at once.

docker images |grep -v REPOSITORY|awk '{print $1}'|xargs -L1 docker pull 



Exactly what I needed, thanks Hector :pray:

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you can folllow this guide if you use podman instead of docker:

Regards., HTH