How to test Fedora Kinoite (official builds only)

Fedora Kinoite is now available in the Fedora ostree repository! :tada: Currently, only the rawhide branch is available, pending the 35 stable release.

To give it a try, you have several options:

  • Installing from scratch:

  • Updating from an existing Silverblue or unofficial Kinoite installation:

    • Make sure you have the official Fedora ostree repository as a remote:
      $ ostree remote refs fedora | grep kinoite
    • Optional but strongly recommended: Pin your current (hopefully working) deployment to make sure you can always go back to a working state it if anything happens:
      $ sudo ostree admin pin 0
    • Rebase to Fedora Kinoite:
      $ sudo rpm-ostree rebase fedora:fedora/rawhide/x86_64/kinoite

Any help updating the documentation is welcomed! The sources are in Overview - fedora-kde/kinoite-docs -


Sometimes, we might not be booting the default deployment ‘0’ . If we want to pin our current deployment, the way I am using is run rpm-ostree status then pin the active deployment. The deployment numbering is from top to bottom, starts with ‘0’ .


I am testing it now and awesome @Siosm

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So once Fedora Kinoite is officially released, how can I switch to the stable version instead of rawhide?

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The process is a rebase

Something like:

sudo rpm-ostree rebase fedora:fedora/x86_64/35/kinoite


Fedora Silverblue and Kinoite Reviews in this weeks Late Night Linux podcast


Downloading the F35 build now to test, very interested!