How to test Fedora Kinoite (official builds only)

Fedora Kinoite is now available as part of the Fedora 35 beta! :tada: Note that this is still a development version (and there could be bugs) but this is perfectly usable.

To give it a try, you have several options:

  • Installing from scratch:

  • Updating from an existing Silverblue or unofficial Kinoite installation:

    • Note that while not strictly officially supported, this is practically guaranteed to work given how rpm-ostree works.
    • Make sure you have the official Fedora ostree repository as a remote:
      $ ostree remote refs fedora | grep kinoite
    • Optional but strongly recommended: Pin your current (hopefully working) deployment to make sure you can always go back to a working state it if anything happens:
      $ sudo ostree admin pin 0
    • Rebase to Fedora Kinoite:
      $ sudo rpm-ostree rebase fedora:fedora/35/x86_64/kinoite

Any help updating the documentation is welcomed! The sources are in Overview - fedora-kde/kinoite-docs -


Sometimes, we might not be booting the default deployment ‘0’ . If we want to pin our current deployment, the way I am using is run rpm-ostree status then pin the active deployment. The deployment numbering is from top to bottom, starts with ‘0’ .


I am testing it now and awesome @siosm

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So once Fedora Kinoite is officially released, how can I switch to the stable version instead of rawhide?

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The process is a rebase

Something like:

sudo rpm-ostree rebase fedora:fedora/x86_64/35/kinoite


Fedora Silverblue and Kinoite Reviews in this weeks Late Night Linux podcast


Downloading the F35 build now to test, very interested!

I’ve updated the instructions now that F35 is branched.


I just rebased from Silverblue last night. Can someone point me to the bug tracker list? I noticed some bugs and want to see if they’ve been logged already. Sorry, I’m a bit new.


You can report bugs in the KDE SIG tracker for now (until we get a proper BugZilla product).

Kinoite is now available as part of the Fedora 35 Beta! :tada:

You can download the ISOs from

I’ve updated the instructions in the first post in this topic.


That’s completely up to you. If you use the administrator account option (user in wheel group) you can do most rpm-ostree operations (updates, etc.) in the logged in session without entering your password / switching to root.

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I rebased from Silverblue 34 to Kinoite 35 when it released, and followed these steps. I had no issues, but recently installed Cockpit and it pointed out to me an error in the SDDM user@.service that it found.

I traced the error back to a missing entry in the /etc/shadow file.

As we are nearing F36 release and others may be looking to rebase as well, they may find this useful in making the transition error-free.