How to tell websites that you prefer dark theme?

Hi. I had been using windows for a long time, but recently decided to move to linux. On windows, once you set your default system theme dark, websites also start using dark theme by default, however that is not the case on linux. Even tough i’m using dark theme, websites still think that my system theme is light. Is there a way to tell that my system theme is dark??
Thanks in advance

Welcome to :fedora:
Which browser are you using that is important.
If you want that feature use gnome epiphany browser
And you did not mentioned system info and os version. It is required to help.
If you are on f36 beta it is actually running gnome 42 which was redesigned to work in that system wide preference dark or light with newer gtk4 and libadwaita. If you are on 35 just wait a few days maybe a week and you will get the f36.

Hi. Thanks for your help.
I use Fedora 36 beta and Google Chrome.
I just tested and that feature works perfectly in Firefox as well. Is there any way to do the same for Chrome?

I searched like this:

The video explains quite well how you can force pages like Wikipedia also to display dark.

please use search engines and search fields also here in the forum.

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Is it upto the chrome devs if they want to follow the gtk layout
But as far as i know it is not the case.
You can ask chrome about that.
Now i don’t know much about chrome due to the privacy concerns so i use firefox and gnome browser(webkit) which works.
And in previous post i forget to mention firefox.

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Hi, thank you for reply.
I’m aware of that chrome flag, it applies dark mode styles to websites automatically, and usually that does not look good. I’m just gonna use firefox for now.

I’ve been thinking about switching to Firefox for a long time now, i guess it’s time.
Thanks for your help.


You can use firefox i also use librewolf you can try it is just a more pre hardened edition of firefox. If you want chromium base browser brave is a good option. Available in flathub.

Thanks. I installed LibreWolf and Brave and will explore both of them. Thank you very much.

This extension for chromium browsers is also very good at this and it is open source and actively maintained:

I’ve been using it for quite a while now.

It is also a very interesting option, i’ll look into this, thank you.