[How To] Switch profiles of power-profiles-daemon automatically on KDE Plasma

Wrote two one-liners to switch profiles of power-profiles-daemon, to be run automatically when power cord gets plugged in and unplugged.
Here’s the repo

Here are the scripts:

filename: performance.sh

#set performance profile through D-bus

powerprofilesctl set performance

filename: power-save.sh

#set performance profile through D-bus

powerprofilesctl set power-saver

  • Store these scripts in ~/bin or /usr/local/bin

  • Make the scripts executable by changing to the folder where the scripts are located and execute:

  • sudo chmod 555 *e.sh
    or alternatively
    sudo chmod 555 power-save.sh && sudo chmod 555 performance.sh

To use automatically in KDE Plasma:

  1. go to System Settings
  2. go to Energy Saving
  3. set the power-save.sh script to execute in the On AC Power tab
  4. set the performance.sh script to execute in the On Battery tab

ps. This is a crosspost of mine from Manjaro Linux Forum. Thanks to Manjaro mods for their edits.


Hopefully, this shouldn’t be needed once KDE Plasma 5.23 lands in Fedora, because that includes integration with power-profiles-daemon.

Nice, I didn’t know that. Still a little proud of my small contribution though :slight_smile:
Guess I’ll disable these scripts before upgrading to KDE Plasma 5.23, and let Plasma do its thing.