How to switch from Network Manager to wicked

I want to use wicked for secure VPN KillSwitch. I installed wicked, But wicked coulnd’t refresh network interfaces. All I did was intall wicked, enabled wicked service, disabled NetworkManager service.

Thanks in advance for your help.

Edit: It’s been 9 hours and noone is helping. Sorry, but I thought I would get an answer by now.

Sorry, but we are not paid assistants that would be available 24X7. Volunteer assistance only and then only the ones who may have experience with the software you are asking about.

In this case, patience is a virtue that is very much required on your case.

I have no experience to assist.

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Thanks so much, I will wait a couple of days then.

Hey ComputerSavvy,

Is there a wiki or manual that shows how to switch? I am a DIY kind of guy and it seems not to be very simple like I thought it was. I’m new to Fedora and would like to make Fedora into what I need. I design websites, fix computers, etc.

Hi Mister Raising Cane

Maybe google is your friend?

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I got a workaround

This question already asked before as well. There is a blog post about how to do with firewall and you technically not require “wicked” it is about firewall control as well.

Next time please do a little bit search on discussion before ask may help you greatly so you could not waste 9 hours of yours as well.

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I did all the commands and disabled my VPN, but still get to firefox pages. and new pages

What fixed my issue was to use NetworkManager and some UFW rules:

ufw default deny incoming
ufw default deny outgoing
ufw allow out to $IP port $PORT proto { udp | tcp }
ufw allow out on $VPN_INTERFACE
ufw allow in on $VPN_INTERFACE from any to any port 60002

Replacing $IP with IP of VPN Server, $PORT with Port of VPN Server, Protocol used with VPN Server TCP or UDP, $VPN_INTERFACE with wlan0, eth0, or other interface