How to start KRFB from a ssh session for Remote Desktop

Does anyone know how to do this, or if it is even possible? tigervnc allows you to console into a remote computer and start the vnc service and then connect - but it doesn’t support wayland. I understand that KRFB/KRDC supports wayland, but AFAIK you have start it from an existing GUI session, which kind of defeats the purpose if you’re trying to start a KDE session on a remote unattended system.

In general case, you should configure the service locally or in a VM as usual, and then search for changed files, e.g. in the last 5 minutes:

find ~ -mmin -5
sudo find / -xdev -mmin -5

Knowing the modifications, you can reproduce it remotely.
Desktop sharing should probably auto start if you enable auto login.

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Thanks, I was hoping to avoid auto login. It’s alot more convenient to be able to start via ssh as tigervnc allows, guess I’ll have to stick with X11 for the time being until it can be figured out.