How to solve the the mpv's Gnome-Wayland sleep (idle) issue?

The mpv still appears not to “officially” support Gnome — the program prints this line to terminal with every video file:

[vo/gpu/wayland] GNOME’s wayland compositor lacks support for the idle inhibit protocol. This means the screen can blank during playback.

The screen indeed goes to sleep while playing a video on my system (doesn’t occur on Xorg), unless disabled in the ‘power’ options:


Is there a solution aside from running mpv with the gnome-session-inhibit command?

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I don’t think so, you could use celluloid vice mpv for Gnome, but then you run into the oposite problem if you’re running sway or something that has implemented wayland idle/inhibit.

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It should be noted that the mouse cursor remains visible (again, unlike on Xorg).