How to show download links by using DNF command

How to print downloading package links when I execute sudo dnf install <pack> in the terminal?
The reason, why I wanna dnf print links, is that my network is really slow(80kB/s) in the terminal but fast in the browser(3MB/s). It would be much faster if I copy the link into my browser directly.

First thing to understand here is that dnf is a package manager that resolves all dependencies for you. Downloading package manually quickly results in a hell where you try to track down each dependency and install it manually.

Give the tool a chance to do what it is supposed to do :slight_smile:

That being said, I know what you’re talking about, DNF downloads can be slower at times, but this depends on the “mirror” or “repository” from which it is downloading the package. And this can be tweaked.

For example, when downloading package from let’s say Europe, and mirror is in Australia, it might take quite some time to download the package, and the speed is probably slow.

There’s a configuration option fastestmirror which automatically grades mirror and uses those that are fastest for your location.

In order to enable the option, edit DNF configuration:

sudo nano /etc/dnf/dnf.conf

And ensure following line is in the file:


One addition I also have in order to speed up DNF overall is the following option:


I have a good connection, so dnf can download many packages in parallel without affecting my connection. When there are lots of small packages, downloading them one-by-one would take significantly more time than downloading 10 of them in parallel.

Thanks, Jesus! It works well. Your solution saves me hours. Good day, Sir.