How to setup Belgian eID on fedora?

I’m new to fedora and struggle to install the Belgian eID software on fedora 37.

In the past it was not a problem on debian and arch, but now i have fedora as my daily driver.

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It looks like they haven’t created/enabled a repository for F37 yet. Could you please contact them and inform them that F37 has been released so they should create a repository for it too?

PS: please copy paste text here so we can look at it without having to refer to images on third party websites. Images also cannot be searched, and they’re not accessible to folks that rely on screen readers etc. so they should not be used instead of text.

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Just send them a mail to notify there is no repo for fedora37.
If there’s a repo i assume that the command i did in the terminal is the right one?

sudo yum --enablerepo=beid-continuous upgrade

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Yes. If the repository isn’t always enabled, that should do it.

(This sort of thing tends to happen every release where we users have to ping lots of folks to remind them to start providing builds for the new release.)

I just checked

and it seems to be there… so that was quite quick.

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Waiting for the Fedora 38 repo. Sent an e-mail but no reaction yet. Every dist-upgrade approximately two to three weeks.