How to set Windows as default boot instead of Fedora 31

Two valid ways to do this.

  1. grub2-set-default
  2. efibootmgr --bootorder

The first option means the firmware checks NVRAM which points to shim which points to GRUB which points to Windows bootloader.

The second means NVRAM points to the Windows bootloader, bypassing shim+GRUB.

The first option can be interrupted by holding Esc to get the GRUB boot menu. The second, to boot Fedora, takes a trick in Windows: shift key+reboot then there’s an option to boot from another device ( tends vary depending on Windows version), and if you choose that you’ll see a Fedora option.

Still another way, most UEFI firmware have a (clunky) built in boot manager, typically accessed by F key shortcut.

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