How to set up syncthing

I want to set up syncthing install that from flatpak but can’t set up and same for snap one. Can anyone help if they have set that up in there fedora system
Have the app in my phone already.

The flatpak is just a GUI, similar to the web interface.

Did you already install syncthing?

No i have not done that just tried with the flatpak one. But it was not what i was looking for. So i think a detailed guide is required. I find some but for debian base systems.

Yes in my phone and removed the flatpak one from pc.

Did you look at the official documentation, which also mentions the Fedora package?

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Should i use this as it is not available in official repo. I just want to verify.

Sorry, not sure what you mean—that is the official Fedora package?

Noo no sorry my mistake it actually i thought it was not.
Actually i was finding that on flathub and snap so i didn’t realized it could be available there i could have searched in the software center.
I will do it tomorrow and let you know about. Untill then i mark yours as soln

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No, what you found there was a GTK-based GUI for syncthing, not the client binary, nor the systemd service. In fact, you don’t really need that GUI flatpak, since you can do the same stuff on syncthing’s web UI (

Gnome Software probably doesn’t show it either, the trick is to do a

dnf search syncthing


sudo dnf install syncthing