How to set up dual nvidia cards

I have a new system with dual Nvidia Quadro RTX 4000 video cards. Fresh install of Fedora 33, Gnome desktop. I’m using the nvidia proprietary drivers, not the RpmFusion or nouveau drivers. Monitors plugged into the primary card are working, monitors in the secondary card are not. How do I get both cards working simultaneously?

Second question, once I have them working, how do I set up for mulitple displays instead of spanning the desktop across all displays?



I wish I had the money to afford that card!
With that said,

I don’t think you can get output from both cards. One card has 4 ports so you can easily plug up to 4 monitors into one card and arrange the display as you wish from the gnome settings → displays panel.

You also may want to remove the nvidia driver from nvidia and install the driver complete with cuda support from rpmfusion with akmods-nvidia that will automatically compile the updated driver with each kernel update (and with each driver update). With the driver directly from nvidia you have to recompile the module manually with each kernel update, and you have to download and install each driver update manually.

With the rpmfusion packages you also have the nvidia settings app to manage the card.