How to set my PC to hibernate?

Hello everyone! I’m writing this topic because I’m not sure how to set up enough space to make my PC hibernate properly. Clearly, before coming here, I quickly searched the Internet on how to do it, but I was a little confused, and it was not clear to me how to do it. So please help me how to do it correctly, because I’m afraid of failing because I don’t understand, and I’ll end up screwing up something. If you like, you can ask me the specifications of the PC that you need.

Does it currently hibernate improperly?

Please give more background on the current state of your PC, installed OS and desktop environment, and what happens when you try to hibernate the PC, if you have.


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No. My PC doesn’t have an option to hibernate.
OS: Fedora Linux 37 Cinnamon (x86-64)
Cinnamon ver: 5.6.7
Memory: 3.7GB
Hard drive: 139GB

I have already checked this page, but I did not understand how to do it.