How to set GNOME Calendar as defafult calendar application in Fedora 30

On Fedora 29, the GNOME Calendar application appeared as an option for the default calendar application in Control Centre, Details, Default Applications, Calendar. However, on a new Fedora 30 Workstation installation, Text Editor is the only available option there, although Calendar is installed and I have also run it. The new Applications section in the Control Centre does not list any supported types for Calendar and neither does Calendar appear in the list of applications that can open text/calendar (.ics) files. So, how do I set Calendar as the default application both for opening calendar files and in the Default Applications list?


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This is a regression and is reported to GNOME:



Thanks for that information. However, is there nothing that can be done about the MIME types manually, until the regression is resolved?

You have to play with MIME adding a new one rule or overwrite a existent one, for example replace evolution to open calendar for gnome-calendar, here are the documentation to achieve this:

Is the only we can do…


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Thanks a lot for that link. I managed to get it done by following these instructions:

To do this for the local user account, edit ~/.config/mimeapps.list and add the line text/calendar=org.gnome.Calendar.desktop to both the [Default Applications] and [Added Associations] sections. To set it for all users, make the same changes to /etc/xdg/gnome-mimeapps.list or /etc/xdg/mimeapps.list. Finally, run update-desktop-database or sudo update-desktop-database respectively.