How to scroll in text mode?

I recently learned that one can scroll up (and down) in Linux when in text mode in order to view output that has scrolled off the screen. How do I do it in Fedora? I’ve tried Shift + Up/Down, Shift + Fn + Up/Down and Fn + Shift + Up/Down but to no avail. Thanks!

In case the particular laptop model matters, my Fedora 32 Workstation installation is on a Lenovo Yoga S740-14IIL.

P.S. I am aware of solutions such as tmux but would not like to use them.

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This may have already been backported in the current Fedora kernel.
In that case, there’s only external tools left.

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Interesting, that explains why I have been able to scroll in Ubuntu/Lubuntu 20.04 LTS on my other two machines which are running the 5.4.x kernel and probably do not have this latest change backported. I guess that means screen/tmux is my new friend then.


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