How to run Fedora RISC-V with virt-manager

Article Summary:
It’s not an officially supported platform but Fedora riscv64 is in active development, so let’s have a look. Where to get and how to run Fedora riscv64 in virt-manager and what to expect.

Article Description:
First/Early look at unreleased Fedora RISC-V Workstation.

  1. Very short introduction to history of development (based on顺德/7月15日上午Fedora_on_RISC-V_Shunde_July15_v0.2.pdf )
  2. Virt-manager installation (qemu-system-riscv.x86_64, u-boot, OpenSBI, xml fix, console, graphic mode)
  3. How many packages are available and where they live (repoquery,,
  4. How to rebuild an src.rpm for RISC-V (rpmbuild --rebuild example)
  5. Real hardware on the market

This sounds great! A big +1 from me. :slight_smile:

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Thanks for volunteering to contribute this article.

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