How to restore Home directories

I just realized that my Downloads directory has beed removed.
I don’t know why and when it happened. How to restore it?

Bellow I attach you a screenshot of inside the Home directory.
The ‘Downloads’ you see is made by me folder but as you see it doesn’t have special icon and doesnt work the same.

Creating new directory doesn’t work the same, thats why I am asking if there is any way to restore.

Have you looked in the trash to see if it is there? If it is then remove the one you just created and restore the one from the trash.

If it does not exist in the trash then I don’t know how it can be restored unless you happen to have a backup that was made in the past.

Sadly there is nothing in the bin. It might be removed months ago and I didn’t noticed…

That’s exactly it but I don’t know to take it over on Fedora.

xdg-user-dirs-update --force

Might require a log in/log out to update

There’s additional details in the link @lumiukko posted


It worked! Just had to force it and relog. Really appreciate it.


Glad to hear it.

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I have same problem and came across this post. solved .Thank you @grumpey @itdepeds