How to resize a VDI type drive from VirtualBox?

How can I resize a fedora vdi file drive created on VirtualBoon on Windows OS?

Failed to lock media when resizing 'C:\Users\catafest\VirtualBox VMs\Fedora\Fedora.vdi'.
Result Code:
IMedium {...}

A quick online search for resize vdi linux provided several links including ones related to managing it under windows.

The VM must be powered off when doing so.

VirtualBox has a tool called “VirtualBox Media Manager” that you can use to resize the disk file.

Make sure to read [SOLVED] VBOX_E_INVALID_OBJECT_STATE (0x80BB0007) - and check that that condition doesnt apply in your case.


Your error message is taken from Windows, right? Maybe virtualbox forum would be the better place to ask in case we don’t solve it for you. Resizing the vdi container is not related to the guest system…