How to report a Geary bug?

Does anyone know how to report a bug to the developer of Geary? There seems to be a weird bug in it. It wont check for new mail when I first boot my laptop or open the program. I have to send an email to one of my other accounts to get it to “see” new mail and download it from Very odd.

I’m trying to find an email client I like on Silverblue. Thunderbird works but I dont really like the UI. I cant get BlueMail to work at all. Seems like Geary is my best bet, but I want it to check for mail properly.

With the search string “geary source code” I found this:

Please check the issues before you report a bug.


In general, if you install an application through the “Software” app, you’ll find the application listed under “Installed”. Clicking on your app, you’ll usually find “Project Website” with a link to the application’s project site, and “Report an Issue”. As @ilikelinux indicates, good manners means you’ll first use the project website to see if someone has reported or solved the issue, then report the problem if nothing seems to fit.

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