How to remove/hide 'Add world clocks' from Notification Center without an extension?

As the title suggests I’d like to hide/remove this “Add world clocks” from the Notification Center, if possible. I know the Just Perfection extension can do that with one simple toggle, but I’m trying to use as few extensions as possible as sometimes they cause issues. Is there a gsetting or dconf setting I can adjust to hide this? I don’t use World clocks, so it’s just an unnecessary waste of space that I’d like to take back. Is it even possible or no? Appreciate any help and ideas, thank you.

As you’ve been informed elsewhere, the only way appears to be to remove GNOME Clocks.

class WorldClocksSection extends St.Button {
    _sync() {
        this._clocksApp = this._appSystem.lookup_app('org.gnome.clocks.desktop');
        this.visible = this._clocksApp != null;
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