How to reinstall latest updates?


I was installing latest update on 25-04-2000 but my pc hanged and I power off the machine. Is there other ways and commands to update the operating system and everything? I’m on F38 and lazy to just wipe-n-reinstall.

Or is there a way to cross check the health and files and do restore or repair.

does it boot?

Yes! it boots but need to recheck updated files. I know, I power off at 95% and already 30 mins past.

just run sudo dnf update --refresh and flatpak update

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Okay! Did that and restart. Thing looks to work, smoothly? But I will consider somekind of health check too.

I will consider this as solution, as I’m not aware of more.

Additionally, you can run

flatpak update

to update your flatpaks.

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You should edit into that answer. Your reply is marked as solution now.

Did that.