How to reinstall GNOME Desktop which was accidentally deleted?

I’ve been using Fedora 18 since 2013; and by now occasionally use it in a dual boot Desktop. Recently, I accidentally deleted the GNOME Desktop and unfortunately, my computer is not connected with networks. I tried startx or xinit which shows “Failed to load gnome session”. Later, I tried using iso image of “Fedora-18-x86_64-Live-LXDE/XFCE/KDE” written in a usb stick and when booting it, the following errors occured:
error: file /isolinux/vmlinuz0 not found
error: you need to load the kernel first

It would be really appreciable if you can provide me with some solutions. Please note that I’m so much worried as my computer has some important data and programs installed, and I don’t want to lose them.
Thanks in advance.

So if you have important data, please try to first boot the system with a (fresh) disk/ISO image of a Linux distro (such as Fedora) and access the files to copy (backup) them to a safe space.

Afterwards you can try to restore your system.

To provide help, the first thing you’d need to tell us is how exactly you’ve deleted GNOME, you say?
Because if you know this, you/we’ll probably now how to reverse that…

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You can try fixing the problem through history option in dnf but I think it won’t work.

And you can try this .
You need at least a copy of Fedora running on usb stick and Internet connection then boot from usb stick connect to internet and mount root partition to /mnt and try these commands .

sudo dnf group mark remove workstation-product-environment --installroot=/mnt

sudo dnf group install workstation-product-environment --installroot=/mnt

If dnf have trouble to connecting to the Internet try this command and try again.
Pay attention when using cat command especially with sudo .

sudo bash -c "cat /etc/resolv.conf > /mnt/etc/resolv.conf "

Hi rugk
Thanks for your suggestions. I used yum uninstall Gnome Desktop to uninstall/delete the Gnome Desktop. Now, it shows only localhost menu and I can login using root and root pw. Yum install Gnome Desktop could work if the computer was connected with network. Previously, this computer was connected with a network in a different server which is in a different country! Now, I couldn’t connect the present network as it wasn’t configured earlier.
Moreover, yum grouplist shows available desktop menus. But to install them network connections are required.

Hi youssefmsourani,
Thanks for the reply. I’m using fedora 18 and dnf doesn’t work here.

…fedora 18? Are you sure you should still be running that…

You’re going to have a rather hard time recovering this, as the mirrors that hosted F18 packages are probably all offline by now. I’d highly recommend just installing a newer Fedora version over the old install.