How to record/edit audio in fedora 34+

Hi I was wondering if anyone knows how I can record/edit audio on fedora 34+. I used to use audacity, but audacity does not work with pipewire so I cant record or get any playback sound. I installed sound recorder and that works for recording audio, but I still need to ability to edit it so I can trim/cut parts I dont need or trim off trailing silence from when the audio ends.

What tool can I use to do this or is there a way to get audacity to work with fedora 34+?

I am able to get Audacity to work using the Flatpak from the Flathub repo on Fedora Kinoite 35. Have you tried the Flatpak?

I use Fedora 35 and audacity-freeworld-3.0.5-4. Together with pipewire-jack-audio-connection-kit audacity can be configured to work. On an intel-based laptop:

Host: jack audio connection kit.
Playback: Built-in analog stereo
Record: Built-in analog stereo.

Host=ALSA works too, in that case it takes the pulseaudio compatibility layer of pipewire.

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Please see ths post


Look at the Fedora “Jam” edition they have a lot of cool tools for audio-recording with professional options. It’s compiled by a special interest group of musicians. :innocent:

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Hi @lavacreeperking my Fedora 35 workstation Audacity install (dnf install) works.
If you did a standard Audicity install (sudo dnf install audacity) and if your audacity is not working consider it a bug. report to bugzilla or to audacity.
Try dnf remove audacity an after that install it again.
Try for audacity help also.

Thanks I tried re-installing and it seems to work now.