How to "rebase" linked qcow2 images to reduce disk space usage?

I have a backing file BaseA.qcow2, and created two linked clones CloneA1.qcow2 and CloneA2.qcow2.

Two VMs Clone1 and Clone2 are created by importing CloneA1.qcow2 and CloneA2.qcow2 respectively. The aim is to reduce disk space usage.

After using both CloneA1 and CloneA2 for sometime, both have updates installed individually as well as having their own data / program.

Can I do a “rebase” to reduce disk space usage again? Such that a new backing file BaseB.qcow2 is created, and Clone1 will be using CloneB1.qcow2 and Clone2 will be using CloneB2.qcow2, while everything will keep working as before in Clone1 and Clone2 guests.

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