How to preserve (and apply) the values set in nvidia-settings after reboot on Fedora 31 KDE?


I just started using Fedora 31 with KDE, with all the latest updates installed. It seems really nice, but I have a problem:

When I set the brightness for my three displays (DELL U2211H: DVI, DELL P2214H: DVI, DELL P2217H) in nvidia-settings it says “warning the color settings have been changed outside of nvidia-settings […]”. Everything is fine until the next reboot when the nvidia-settings forgets the set brightness values and I can start everything from the beginning.

How can I make this setting it permanent?

When I ran nvidia-settings I just saved nvidia-settings-rc but unfortunately, the set brightness values are not written into the file. I tried it with and without sudo but unfortunately, I just got the same results. :confused:

I have read the man pages of nvidia-settings (Yeah, its for Ubuntu, but the options are the same., I tried the

“3. Loading Settings Automatically”

part but when I ran nvidia-settings --load-config-only, nothing happened. (No error messages either)

Is there a way to tell the system to use the settings listed in the file?

I also tried -a option to assign values to my displays but it was a dead-end - for me at least - because I did not find the attribute name for brightness after a day of Googling.

P.S.: I use a GTX960 4GB and my proprietary driver version is 440.44.


Your link, Sir: Ubuntu’s nvidia-setting’s man

3. Loading Settings Automatically

The NVIDIA X driver does not preserve values set with nvidia-settings between runs of the X server (or even between logging in and logging out of X, with xdm (1), gdm, or kdm).  This is intentional, because different users may have different preferences, thus

these settings are stored on a per-user basis in a configuration file stored in the user’s home directory.

Your’re need a script to execute on your login to load these settings… or such.

-l, --load-config-only

  • Load the configuration file, send the values specified therein to the X server, and exit.  This mode of operation is useful to place in your xinitrc file, for example.
    – (i’m not sure if Desktops Managers use .xinitrc…)

Did your tried to put it in the .xinitrc or such (KDE should provide similar stuff for auto-starting things on login)?

man 1 nvidia-settings:

-e, --describe=DESCRIBE

  • Prints information about a particular attribute. Specify ‘all’ to list the descriptions of all attributes. Specify ‘list’ to list the attribute names without a descriptions.

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