How to ovveride DSDT (Differentiated System Description Table) in Fedora to enable S3 sleep?

I have a yoga laptop (Yoga 14arb) which does not support s3 sleep in bios, however some user managed to enable it by modifing DSDT (Differentiated System Description Table). I am following this guide Enabling the S3 sleep state (suspend-to-RAM) on the Lenovo Yoga 7 AMD Gen 7 (and possibly, others) – Saverio Miroddi – 64K RAM SYSTEM  38911 BASIC BYTES FREE. The method used in this guide to override DSDT via initrd hook only works in debian based distro, as etc/initramfs-tools doesnt exist in fedora. How can i achive similar result in Fedora?

Hello, my first suggestion, check your bios updates If there is any, first I have to say careful with DSDT modify (get your backup and keep your fedora usb ready just in case something wrong happen)

Next is I found couple of other docs around github and showing how to do the changes

it is bit old (Fedora 28 doc) I’m not fan of suggesting it but It could be better reference than what you have (S3 deep sleep for Lenovo yoga X1 3rd Generation on Fedora 28 · GitHub)

Also there is a discussion in gist and I see another repo for make this process bit more easier but last message I see there was a bios update show that option so you don’t have to customize your DSDT, so you may check that first then you can try your luck with DSDT, I’m not expert to modify DSDT, It is purely research result and suggestion based on my experiences

I hope that will help you bit.

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Thank you very much,i will report back with the results.