How to open two gnome-terminials when logging in

How to automatically open two gnome-terminals when logging in. The gnome-tweak allows only one.

How are you doing it in gnome-tweaks? You should be able to use the --window option to start a new window too. Try gnome-terminal --help-all

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Aren’t Gnome has some autostart settings outside of the Tweaks?

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That’s the only GUI I’m aware of. Gnome follows the xdg-autostart spec: Desktop Application Autostart Specification

(the general autostart bits are a different question that should be discussed in a different topic)

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I use ‘Startup Applications’ in gnome-tweaks to add/set an application to be automatically started. But I can set only one terminal in gnome-tweaks. Of course, once the terminal is popped up at startup, I can right-click in the terminal and open a new terminal.

That’s what I’m interested in.

So, all tweak-tools does is place a new file for you in ~/.config/autostart. If you go there now, you’ll see that it added an org.gnome.Terminal.desktop file. The tweak tool lets you autostart an application, not a session, which is why you can select each application once.

If you want to start multiple windows of gnome-terminal, copy the current file to a new one in ~/.config/autostart and in the Exec= line, add --window at the end of the command. The teak tool will then show you two terminals in the list.

I can’t log out and back in to test, but this should work. I had a script that I would run on login to start lots of non-GUI apps and it ran just fine.


I noticed that file and tried to edit it but did not get what I wanted. If I copy that file to a new one. How shall I name the new file?

org.gnome.Terminal1.desktop? Experiment, see what happens :wink:


It works! Thank you very much!


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