How to not upgrade to a specific package version

HI, lets say I am using application A version 1. I know that version 2 is out, but I want to wait till version 3 to upgrade. How can I “blacklist version 2 only”, so that I dont get it, but still will be notified when v 3 arrives ? For example, there is a “system update” today that update Thunderbird from 91.11.0 to 91.12.0, Not only I cant select it individually in Discover, but there seems to be no way to blacklist this specific version upgrade for Thunderbird only. thx

I don’t use kde or discover.
With gnome the only way I would know is to do so with the command line using dnf for the updates and use the --exclude option for that one package each time an update is done. You also can make that exclude permanent in dnf by adding an exclude into /etc/dnf/dnf.conf. I do not think those changes affect either gnome-software or discover though.