How to move Windows to another drive, and then remove it?


I’m currently dual-booting Windows and Fedora on the same SSD. Hearing the horror stories about how Windows likes to delete other OSes, I decided to move Windows to another SSD. Does anyone have any recommendations on how to move Windows to the other SSD (should I restore the Windows bootloader?)

I have Acronis TrueImage, but it is not obvious how I can achieve what I want (it wants to clone the whole drive).

Thank you!

You might use conezilla to move your partitions.

Why not install windows new on the other drive, then after moving personal data over one could delete the windows partitions from the original drive. This might require removing the original drive during the actual install.

I am dual-booting Fedora and Linux for more than 10 years now, and Windows has never deleted any Fedora partition.
What happened once was that Windows messed around with the grub config, so I couldn’t start Fedora from the boot menu (I had to select Fedora from the EFI menu). That was fixed in 5 minutes: start a Live system, chroot into the system, rewrite the grub config, reboot. done.

And that is stopping Windows from messing around with the EFI partition? Or are you going to create a second EFI partition on the second SSD?

Finally, I think this may be a question for a Windows forum, no?

That has been my experience for as long as uefi booting has been available. I have done dual booting for over 20 years but it has simplified things when uefi bios was introduced.

AFAIK windows has never overwritten grub booting except in cases where windows was installed new or reinstalled AFTER fedora had already been installed. The windows boot loader resides in the same efi partition as fedora uses on my systems with no issues at all.

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Sorry for my mistake in asking this question, and thank you for the kind advice from everyone! I didn’t know a better forum to ask this, as it involves both Linux and Windows, but I still appreciate all the helpful pointers everyone gave me.

I was thinking of yes, having a second EFI partition, I’ll read up more and understand better about how all this works

Thank you for the assurance. I was previously wondering if it would cause issues if I had to recover the Windows partition and/or upgrade (e.g. to Windows 12), I think I’ll read up more to understand better about these processes.

Asking a question is NOT a mistake. NOT asking can be a mistake.


IME, As long as one is only dual booting and not adding multiple copies of different OSes a single efi partition is simple and reliable.