How to mimic a Rawhid update szenario

I am an old-time fedora user and I am used to updating machines to rawhide from time to time and then at some point switching yum.repo ressources “back” to the then current fedora release.

Is there any way to do that using coreos? I do have a machine running on next and I would love to tell it “stay on fedora coreos 33” instead of it automatically switching to things based on 34 once that arrives.

Is there a way to do that?


First off, welcome to a slightly different way of doing things :smile:

Fedora CoreOS has update streams and they all progress over time. Systems with updates enabled will move to newer versions. The only way to stay on Fedora 33 forever is to disable updates.

Though I think what you’re trying to ask for is

  • how do I tell my current next system to transition to testing or stable once f33 is in those streams?

Is that correct? Currently we don’t have a way to do that but I have discussed it with @lucab a while ago. Though I will let you know that we won’t be moving to F34 in next for 5 or 6 months.

Regarding rawhide, we do have an open ticket to create a rawhide stream, but that would mostly be for testing/development. I highly doubt we would expose it to end users as one of our production streams.

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