How to make KWin behave like QTile?

I have recently switched from Gnome to KDE and in Gnome I had an extension named “QTile” that helped me tile my windows how I wanted(shortcuts, easily configured layouts, and a very handy shortcut which was super + enter that opened a small window with a grid on which I could select how I want my windows to be placed and sized in case a shortcut wasn’t set for that particular prefference).
Is there any way I can configure shortcuts for layouts like the ones available with QTile?
If not, is there a way in i3?
I know I could just install another tile manager, which is what I will do if there isn’t any other option, but I would like to stick to the default ones for the sake of not having to thinker around with my system.

I think it is possible to use Krohnkit to have a similar tiling behavior in kde.

Not sure if that is what you are looking for. I never tried it but heard about it.

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