How to join the Promo SIG?

Is there a formal process to join or work with the Promo SIG? I currently contribute with the Fedora Marketing Team and wanted to reach out to see if I could be of help. Can’t commit to big time responsibilities, but maybe I could chime in with ideas or see if there are specific tasks I can help with? I’m primarily interested in the CentOS Mastodon account.

I know there’s a mailing list, but I also listened to the latest board meeting where you guys talked about the potential for Discourse, so I’m asking here first to see what happens. I also couldn’t find an IRC or matric channel to try.

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The list is the primary communication channel at the moment, there isn’t a Matrix or IRC channel for Promo (though I suppose we could make one). Promo · GitLab is used to track some work items, and @shaunm is the one doing most of the work so far.