How to install Vivaldi in Silverblue

I have been playing with Silverblue and I’m impressed.

I wanted to share a method I used to install Vivaldi. I’m trying to layer as less as possible, so I can get the real benefit of the immutable paradigm with all my apps installed in a container.

The first step is installing Vivaldi in toolbox using dnf as usual. Then to make it accessible from gnome shell, just copy the following files inside the container:

/usr/share/applications/vivaldi-stable.desktop ->


/usr/share/icons/hicolor ->

Finally edit the new .local/share/applications/vivaldi-stable.desktop file.
Change each Exec command as below:

Exec=/usr/bin/vivaldi-stable %U ->
Exec=toolbox run vivaldi %U

(keep the % portion as it in each case)

Now, it will be available in the shell, just like any other app.

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