How to install TLP for battery managment (Thinkpad T470)

Hey, what is the repository I need to add to install tlp or other good battery management tool?
according to tlp website those 2

dnf install$(rpm -E %fedora).noarch.rpm
dnf install$(rpm -E %fedora).noarch.rpm

Still don’t find tlp in Software.


Have you tried:

sudo dnf install tlp


Assuming this means Gnome Software, can’t find any results here either; but works with dnf

Thanks Tom


Hey Tom thank you for the answer and use this command installed it, but I can’t find the icon to the software. :thinking:

I did

sudo tlp start

and got tlp

TLP started in AC mode (auto).

but where is the interface?

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tlp is working in background based on config files, here’s documentation:
Another similar tool is tuned, also available in Fedora
tuned-gtk is a GUI for it.


OK thank you, it seems to work. slightly_smiling_face:

Maybe you should enable tlp’s systemd unit file if it’s not started automagically. sudo tlp start looks deprecated or at least very manual to me. As far as I know it’s started directly after installation.

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start tlp upon every boot:

systemctl enable tlp.service

start service now:

systemctl start tlp.service

Description of available settings (all in the conf file): Settings — TLP 1.5 documentation


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