How to install/start kdenlive? (Missing MLT modules)

Has anyone ever managed to start kdenlive on Fedora 34? I’ve tried a couple of times the last few months and never had any success. It always complains about missing MLT modules and I can’t find information on how to install those.

Have you tried x.11 instated of Wayland? Might be not compatible with Wayland yet and the default session is Wayland too in Gnome.

I haven’t, but I need wayland for other apps and I don’t want to constantly switch so that’s not an option for me anyway. :confused:

did you search the packages that the error message says?

freiOr-plugins # don't know if is a O or 0

maybe in console with

dnf provides package-name

I was more worried about the errors than the warnings. I think the yellow box is just warnings.

also you can see here Troubleshooting - Kdenlive

Missing MLT module

An MLT dependency is missing and it is required to install it.
SDL is used to output audio. Install libsdl 1.x from your package manager.
Avformat is the FFmpeg module. Make sure you have ffmpeg installed on your system.

There’s no package called libsdl or a package providing libsdl.

ffmpeg is already installed.
frei0r-plugins is already installed.
qimageblitz is already installed.
There is no package called kdenlivetitle or providing kdenlivetitle.
There’s no package called pixbuf or providing pixbuf.

There’s no package called libsdl or a package providing libsdl.
have you tried

dnf install SDL

Here says that provide

There’s no package called pixbuf or providing pixbuf.

dnf install gdk-pixbuf2

Here says that kdenlive had a qt-svg dependency so maybe you miss this package since is “optional” you can install with (I think this is the correct package but you can uninstall it if it doesn’t work for you)

dnf install qt5-qtsvg

You can see a list of dependencies of mlt here: Arch Linux - mlt 7.22.0-1 (x86_64)

SDL, gdk-pixbuf2 and qt5-qtsvg are already installed.
Btw, as far as I know dnf install doesn’t just install a package, but also it’s dependencies, so why would I have manually install the dependencies of kdenlive to begin with?

did you tried the flatpak version? Flathub—An app store and build service for Linux it download more MB of data but it should include all dependencies

setup flatpak on fedora Flatpak—the future of application distribution

$ flatpak remote-add --if-not-exists flathub

Install Kdenlive flatpak version

flatpak install flathub org.kde.kdenlive


flatpak run org.kde.kdenlive