How to install qt sdk on fedora silverblue 36

I’m going to guess:
sudo rpm-ostree qt6-*

Is there an official FS36 answer for this? Thank you in advance.

I think it depends on what you’re using it for. Presumably, developing against it? I think we need to figure out a nice, standard container-based workflow for that kind of thing.

Mr. Miller, I appreciate all the efforts made into building Fedora Silverblue.
Thank you. I’ll admit I’m still adjusting to rpm-ostree and toolbox. go/rust toolchains sit entirely in my default home not within a toolbox. So that’s why I’m reaching first and foremost to install everything via rpm-ostree because I honestly want everything I install available outside of toolbox. Can you see from my rust/go perspective flipping inside and outside the “fedora toolbox” can be cumbersome?

I want to possibly tweak: GitHub - rust-qt/examples: Rust + Qt examples
To use this: GitHub - nlfiedler/magick-rust: Rust bindings for ImageMagick
to load an image object
and then display it with qt.

Hello @omac777 ,
Perhaps try this discussion, which seems similar to your request…

I do appreciate the suggestion, but I prefer going the non-IDE route, just the cli tools and devel packages necessary.

I’ll just go the rpm-ostree install qt6-* and try and make it work that way. I’m not a fan of toolbox at the moment.