How to install nginx-mainline

Currently, the latest version is 1.25.3, but you see 1.25.1. How do I install version 1.25.3?

Is there a specific reason you would need the version from upstream and that the version provided by fedora would not work?

The version from fedora lags a bit behind upstream since it takes time to test and repackage the software from upstream before it can be released to the fedora repos.

Current version according to the build system should be 1.25.2
see nginx | Package Info | koji

Report of 1.25.3 release from august '23: 2232217 – nginx-1.25.3 is available

non-modular repos are on the stable version, currently 1.24.x, even F39, and not on the mainline version 1.25: see nginx - Fedora Packages and