How to install Code - OSS on latest Fedora? (39)

i am a previous Arch Linux user and i used Code - OSS.
I can not find any way to install Code - OSS on Fedora, is it even possible?
VSCodium doesnt really work with my workflow.


If you’re familiar with using a podman container or Fedora toolbox, you can run Arch Linux and install code-oss within Arch Linux container. For detailed guidance on setting up, refer to the Arch Linux Toolbox documentation.

While I can confirm that code-oss works in this environment, it may not meet your specific workflow requirements.

Edit: There is also a community repo for Arch Linux image: Github - toolbx-images

Nope, it doesn’t.

I need it to run on bare metal.

You can install a flatpak of Code OSS from Would that work for you?

Unfortunately the Flatpak Code OSS is not maintained anymore. Is this flatpak dead? · Issue #188 · flathub/com.visualstudio.code-oss · GitHub

You can also build from sources… i think it is possible to compile or snap // if snap not troubles on bare metal… i think so

I would rather not use snap, snap sucks, as long as i get it running on
bare metal, either installing a binary or compiling from source i dont really care