How to install binwalk and mksquash

i need help installing this in fedora linux in command line. Please help me

binwalk is a fedora package and can be installed with dnf.

mksquash is not a fedora package.
Try using google or ddg to search for how to install mksquash on fedora. I got 122K results for that search.

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how can i install binwalk bro can you help me? im still not familiar in fedora bc this is my first linux os

Maybe the package squashfs-tools which provides the command mksquashfs.

For command line, you probably want take a look at DNF Command Reference β€” dnf latest documentation

to find a command:
sudo dnf provides command-name

sudo dnf provides mksquashfs
[sudo] password for grumpey:
Last metadata expiration check: 0:31:15 ago on Sun 28 Jan 2024 10:33:55 AM EST.
squashfs-tools-4.6.1-2.fc39.x86_64 : Utility for the creation of squashfs filesystems
Repo : fedora
Matched from:
Filename : /usr/sbin/mksquashf