How to hide wrong platform versions in dnfdragora?


New fedora user here with what is probably a basic question.

Just did a fresh install of the xfce spin. Of course one of the first things to do is install all my needed software. I did a full upgrade of default software and restarted the computer first.

How do I hide packages for other platforms? I only need x86. AFAIK I cannot use the i686 releases.

Setting Options > Search > “Show newest packages only” hides the multiple old versions which is helpful. I took this screenshot before I found that option. Now there are 2 versions of kate available (x86 and i686) not 4 as pictured:

I’m just going with the dnfdragora GUI to get started. Once I’m rolling, I will sit down and learn the cli tool dnf. Is there another GUI to look at while I’m doing that?

I do not believe I’ve added any extra repos or anything. Enabled are: fedora, fedora-cisco-openh264 and updates.

I tried to look in the documentation, searched the forum, websearch and searched in the dnfdragora project repo.

thank you!

Added xfce

Unfortunately not for xfce.

Within the search string you can include the platform or a part of it, like kate*.x*

Unfortunately dnfdragora is an old peace of software. And it not does much more as dnf it selves. Just brings it up in a organized list where you can click on it to install.

Thanks! Can I configure the GUI behavior by configuring dnf?

Probably yes. It is long since I not use dnfdragora anymore. This app forced me to get along with dnf it selves … and it is very intuitive.


There is a menu for for it which I failed to notice. It is the second popup menu from the left where you can filter by installed, not installed etc:

Looking through the man page for dne.conf(8), there are values for arch and ignorearch which would probably be effective. But I haven’t tried this yet.

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