How to handle hybrid graphics?

Hello everyone!

I have a laptop with an Nvidia MX130 GPU alongside an Intel UHD 620. I’d like to put Fedora there, since I have been using it on my desktop and it’s great. My question is: How can I handle the hybrid graphics? It has always been a pain to make it work flawlessly on linux, but I eventually manage to make it work. Should I use Wayland? I am planning to use the Workstation Edition.

Thanks in advance :slight_smile:

If on Gnome, right click on the launcher and select “Launch with Discrete Graphics”. If launching from command line, prepend DRI_PRIME=1 to run it on the nVidia card.

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Thank you for this solution. I def learned something.

Question. Do AMD user’s need to do this as well?

It applies to AMD as well if you have a discrete GPU.