How to grant Emby Server permission to access specified folders?

I installed Emby Media server and I need to grant permissions to access the “Music” and “Videos” folders located inside the “Home” folder, in the library setup appears this message:

“For Linux on Arch Linux, CentOS, Debian, Fedora, OpenSuse, or Ubuntu, you must grant the Emby system user at least read access to your storage locations”

How can I do this?, thanks in advance.

chmod -R g+r  ~/Music

means you add the right for all users of your group to read the directory ~/Music recursively.

Question: what group is your emby user assigned to?

Also take a look at the



@florian, I did chmod -R g+r ~/Music but replaced Music by Música since that’s the name of the folder but when I go to emby and click on the home folder that appears here the menu disappears:


In order to read the file list of a directory, you also need to grant the execute permission on it. You can use x to add it always, or use X to add it for directories only (useful for recursive application), i.e.,

chmod -R g+rX  ~/Música

will add executable permission to Música and all directories below it, but not to any of the files.

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This is the solution:

Since I need to access the whole home folder, I run this:

setfacl -m user:emby:rx /home/delacosta78

Now I am able to see its content: