How to give basic permissions to one folder (path) only?

The root directory of my newly mounted drive appears to lack basic permissions, I can’t even move files there using Nautilus for instance. This was caused by accidentally transferring all data from a protected Clonezilla directory there.

How to give basic “read & write” permissions exclusively to this /mnt/primary/ path, without going recursively into the subfolders?

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Give permissions to what users?

If just to root, then (running as root)

chmod 744 /mnt/primary


How have you mounted the drive?

Thanks Tom.

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In the Gnome ‘disks’ app.

# Or provide write permissions for everyone
sudo chmod a+w /mnt

Running sudo chmod a+w /mnt/primary appears to have resolved the issue.


To myself, the user account.

I don’t understand the Unix permissions yet and have tried to avoid giving high-level access to any group.

Arch wiki file permissions

For reference

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I have often needed to do that, and a simple
cd /mnt
sudo chown user:user primary
works to give the user access to the root of that mounted device. What permissions you have beyond that depend on the device itself.

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