How to get full access on root directory of files. I can't adjust or do anything on root directory

I am sudoers. I don’t want to use sudo chmod every time I access the root directory.

Locked Sudo files. Can not delete files with lock on even when I enter them by password (Sudo) - #4 by vgaetera


Almost anything in Linux/Unix filesystem apart home dir requires to elevate permissions each time you really need to access/change anything and should not be used as “normal folder/directory”. It is done to protect system from accidental damage by the user or attacks from bad actors.

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You should not change permission on files in / at all. What are you trying to achieve?
Better start file manager with elevated rights as linked by @vgaetera

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A script on github needs to be installed inside the root directory.

Is this your script ? If so, I’d propose you to redesign the script/solution. If the script is not yours, then it is even more dangerous as it could mess up the installation or do other nasty things. Again, it is not clear what the script is about to do.

A script is normally executed not installed and you can execute it with root/sudo permissions. Can we see the script to further help you…

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I can’t run as program file when i am using |nautilus admin:|. Nothing appear on terminal when i am running .py file.

link to the script please.

where do you think root access is required?

Did you follow the five steps outlined in GitHub - xtekky/gpt4free: The official gpt4free repository | various collection of powerful language models

sorry, it seems to have gone too far from this topic. Do you know any place that can support github users.

we can support you, especially we can help you avoid destroying your python install and thus your fedora install by using virtual environments.
so again, my question: did you follow the five steps outlined in the guide that I am linking above?

Where did you get stuck or where do you think you need sudo/root access?

The author(s) of the software could…

I do not believe this is off-topic at all.

There are 2 critical pieces to your post.

  1. You ask about getting full access to root files. This is done with sudo.
    It was suggested that no one should ever consider changing ownership or permissions of anything in the root file system as that could easily break your entire OS.
  2. The post seems as if it is actually about installing and using the linked project.
    The in that project has full instructions and does not need in any way to even use sudo to follow those steps. This was pointed out above.

Please do not feel that we are pushing you away. We are merely making sure that it is understood the risk of doing what appears on the surface of your post as the goal (which is risky) and trying to guide you to following the simple instructions already available for that project.

This is not required if you follow the instructions in the README

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