How to get audio outputs from multiple sources to different devices?

hello fellow community members,

While I was on Fedora 37, I could have audio outputs from multiple sources to different devices (e.g: the output from spotify app was going to my bluetooth speaker while I was watching youtube on firefox with my headphones on). I dont remember if it was the OS feature or an extension, but I could switch outputs of audio sources indivisually from either the quick setting menu or the sound settings main menu.
But I cant seem to find the same feature in Fedora 38, gnome 44.2

There are multiple ways to do this.
You can use a patch bay like helvum or you could use pavucontrol.

There is a gnome audio output switcher extension but I don’t think it supports per application outputs.


I have also used Helvum for similar types of routing. It works well, the only problem is that it doesn’t save the setup across reboots. If Helvum feels to basic to you, you could try Carla, which is a fairly robust audio management tool. It has a patchbay builtin very similar to Helvum’s, but if I remember correctly you can easily reapply setups across reboots.